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Lost and Found
The Lost and Found Department is located at the CMU Police Department in the Combined Services Building @ 1720 S East Campus Drive. Between the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday, Students, Faculty, Staff and Visitors are encouraged to inquire about lost or misplaced articles. You may inquire in person or you can phone at (989) 774-1835 or at (989) 774-3081.

Each academic building on campus has their own Lost and Found. During the school
year, regular pickups are scheduled weekly or as needed.

Found items are held for 90 days minimum at which time they are disposed of by CMU's monthly supply sale or donated to charitable organizations. Anyone claiming property at the lost and found area must show Student ID or a driver's license.

For the university community (student, faculty, staff) click here to report a lost item or use the buttons below to see a list of found items.

For visitors or guest of the university, please call the number above.

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